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If religious literacy continues to be undervalued in newsrooms, the media will continue to drive journalists to the feeding ground of sensationalism.

In Paul Marshall’s book Blind Spot: When Journalists Don’t Get Religion, he tells the story of a Washington Post reporter who was covering a protest at the White House, which was being held by Pentecostal Christians. The reporter quoted a speaker who said, “Let’s pray that God will slay everyone on the Capitol,” and he reported it as a call for mass murder. Neither the reporter nor his editors realized that the Pentecostal practice of being “slain” actually…

The story of a family’s journey from Guerrero, Mexico to the US border.

Photo © Kathleen Shriver

A Beat Memo on Community District 2’s Greenwich Village

Borders: 14th St to N, Houston Street to S, Broadway to E, West Side Highway to W

Subsections: West Village, Meatpacking District

Photo © Erin O’Brien

As I walk through the cobblestone streets of the West Village, I am wondering if the individuals or groups who coined New York City’s popular nicknames, “concrete jungle” and “the city that never sleeps”, had ever visited the charming tree-lined streets that are hidden away in the western section of Greenwich Village. I remind myself that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to sleep. And I remind myself…

Like many pre-existing disparities that have surfaced during the pandemic, multilingual services are in crisis.

The DOE required New York City students or their families to go online to request a remote learning device, leaving many English Learners stranded. Photo © Kathleen Shriver/ NYC DOE

“The city has completely abandoned these kids,” said M, who has been teaching English as a New Language, or ENL, in New York City public schools for over 15 years. M, who currently serves as both an administrator and ENL teacher at a large high school in South Brooklyn, has declined to share her name or the name of her school for fear of being fired. M says that a year into the pandemic, her students, who are already among the most vulnerable in New York City’s schools, are facing even greater marginalization.

M teaches students known as English Language…

Kathleen Shriver

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